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Facebook Lead Generation and Instagram Lead Generation is a very useful digital marketing service that helps to develop relationships with customers and sell products/services to them. Read and find some top social media marketing agency tags that indicate this is the best agency to hire.

Social media platforms can help your business generate the necessary traffic to attract leads and convert them into customers. A social media marketing agency can market and promote a variety of services and products. Many of these agencies can be effective in marketing a business through attractive advertisements and promotions, but they lack the skills and experience to promote the business to clients. Find out what are Facebook Lead Generation and Instagram Lead Generation agency top brands that set them apart from other agencies.

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We Have The Ability To Develop A Unique Business Model

As a Facebook ad services and Instagram ad services provider we are able to develop a unique business model to meet your specific business needs. We understand what your business plan is, and incorporate it into their model. A standard business plan template is implemented by us for each potential client. But this limits the potential and only applies the general strategy they offer to other customers.

As The best Facebook ad services and Instagram ad services provider, we go far, study your business, business plan, product, etc in a proper way, and develop a particular model that matches your specific needs. We are able to understand your strengths and leverage them in your favor with the help of various social media platforms. The agency should be able to take care of the important aspects of your business and connect them to Social Media Marketing to deal with the problems you face.

We Have The Ability To Interactively Communicate

As The best Facebook ad services and Instagram ad services specialist, we are able to improve the way you communicate with your target audience. Our aim is typically to work for a long period of time and understand how to communicate with the target market in their own language as well as provide relevant content to their potential customers. As Professionals, we can maintain active lines of communication. We can also use influencers to connect with the specific audience you are targeting. We provide high-quality content. Attracting traffic requires constant and proper communication and this is what you can expect from the best social media marketing agency.

Wide Range Of Services

Facebook Ads services

You will get a wide range of services from Web Cloud Technology, including:

These services and more, offered on many social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, can help attract more customers. This is a great way to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Proper Marketing Techniques and Strategies

As The best Facebook ad services and Instagram ad services specialist, we will implement powerful marketing techniques and strategies. These must develop appropriate business plans, as well as create the right, consistent marketing techniques and strategies for your business goals. The company should be able to maximize its software and tools, which may be ideal for your business needs. You can be sure of the capabilities and skills of these companies, and what the experts can do for you.

Facebook Instagram Ads for Advertising and Marketing

While some companies may be hesitant to use Facebook for their digital marketing needs, there are others that have come forward and taken advantage of the many benefits it offers. Whether you are going to use Facebook content (posts) or ads, the effort and money you spend to promote your business through Facebook is worth it, and in fact, the cost is very high. There is not. With Facebook, you can control your budget; the difference here is that you can get better targeted audiences with Google Ads, because Facebook has more information about its users than other platforms. This includes interests such as demographics, location, and personal information, Hobbies, favourite food, etc.

Facebook also has Instagram, which is another widely used social media platform, and if you implement your strategy correctly, you can reach more potential customers simultaneously. With the help of an experienced partner best facebook ads services company in Delhi, you can take advantage of Facebook tools to attract more traffic and leads and convert those leads into actual sales. Moreover, Facebook is the perfect platform to use to increase your brand visibility and increase brand awareness.

When choosing a Facebook Instagram Ads agency to help you with Facebook advertising and marketing, it is best to choose top instagram ad service in Delhi, as these agencies have access to many resources through Facebook itself, such as training, equipment, support, and presence recognized by Facebook as an expert in their field. That is why being a business; it is very profitable to hire an agency with Facebook partner status.

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What types of strategies have proven successful for business with Facebook? Here are some tried and tested tips you can use.

Define your goals – Like any other digital marketing strategy, you need to clearly define what you want to achieve with your Facebook marketing campaigns, as well as how you will measure their success. While a business may have various personal goals that are unique to it, most businesses will also have the following general goals:

Best Facebook & Instagram Ads Agency In Delhi

Know your audience

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of building your Facebook strategy. It can help you target the right audience for your products and services.



Timing is essential to reach your audience on Facebook. You need to reach out to them when the level of engagement is high. In other words, you need to recognize when people are bored and are actively using Facebook.

Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests

Increase engagement with your customers and followers through contests. Gifts and rewards are a perfect way to entice your followers to participate in such content. This type of content can create huge levels of page engagement for businesses.

fb ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be highly targeted using the targeting tools provided by the platform. You can target your audience by location, demographics, as well as personal interests, likes and dislikes, etc. It is cost effective, easy to use and has a wide range.

Interactive Posts

Interactive Posts

Posts that get people to share and share is fun and a great way to let them know about your brand or product.



Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage your followers. Polls and photo contests are great crowdsourcing materials.

Informative and Valuable Content

Informative and Valuable Content

According to any Facebook partner agency in Melbourne, sharing valuable, informative and engaging content is a surefire way to increase followers as well as give them confidence in your business. Visual content generates much more interaction than invisible content.

track and measure

Track and Measure

Your Progress Like all other types of digital marketing strategies, you need to measure your success when it comes to Facebook strategies, and Facebook provides great analytics tools to let you know. Are your campaigns working as they should? It helps you save valuable resources and time by eliminating campaigns that are not giving you the desired results.

Our Facebook Ad Services & Instagram Ad Services

About 90% of digital marketers use Facebook but 68% of them do not understand its effectiveness properly. In this article you will find some simple ways to be part of the remaining 22% who know how effective they are.

1. We know the difference between promotion and reinforcement

Since Facebook has reduced organic search, it is really difficult to get your site or your content in front of many people. There are only two ways to display your content – promoting and promoting your post. But these two are different in terms of increasing new sales. Promoting is the easiest strategy and promoting a post is a bit more complicated.

2. Create a Custom Audience

Custom audiences are powerful, because Facebook’s goal is really special. So, you can target your ad to a specific person, at one specific place and at a specific time. This audience helps you connect with people who have already joined your brand based on the criteria you need.

3. We choose your shades wisely.

Colour is important in advertising. It is even more important in online advertising. This is how people will feel about your brand. According to research, pink or purple highlights help you get the most engagement.

4.Promoting original content about you:

People like to buy only trustworthy things. If they trust you, they won’t spend their time or money with you. Therefore, you need to promote content from a trusted source that adds to your brand image. Then use it as the basis for a small promotion / booster post. If you build more trust, you will receive more money.

5. We write a better version for Brands:

Many people do not understand what is actually written in the advertisement. So, to increase your general marketing department, you need to improve your copy with strong words, create a call to action and make it useful to your audience. Just try to play with your ideas.

6. Using videos for best impact:

Facebook made the switch this year to focus heavily on video content. Go to your News Feed and see for yourself. You will definitely get a video post in at least three posts. If you have a good camera or a creative budget, this is great news for you, because people watch videos on Facebook every day, so you need to take advantage of it. This not only creates a better brand identity but also makes your ads more attractive.

If you haven’t tested Facebook ads, it is recommended to do so in the future. With enough time, energy and budget, anyone can become profitable by promoting their service, product or brand through Facebook promotions. So, hire a top instagram advertising service in karol bagh to do a successful promotion of your business on Facebook.

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Facebook Ads Management & Instagram Ads Management

Our approach to managing Facebook ads begins with the belief that no two companies are alike. Understanding the specifics, key messages, and specific audience of a product or service is critical to ensuring that ads get not only clicks but the right clicks leading to conversions.

Our team can handle as many processes as you need. With our in-house copywriter, design, and development teams, we are fully equipped to handle landing pages, website changes, and creativity. It gives you peace of mind knowing that we are showing the entire conversion funnel instead of just focusing on driving traffic and sleight of our hands-on what happens next.

Each campaign also has a dedicated account manager, who acts as the primary point of contact on each of the marketing channels we work for you. Therefore, no matter what “behind the scenes” is, you will receive regular updates and opportunities for face-to-face video calling.

Best Facebook Ads Company In Delhi

Detailed Facebook advertising strategy

As the Top Instagram Ads Management Company In Delhi, We’ll create a customized Facebook advertising strategy to show you how we handle your ad campaign. Your strategy will set clear, ambitious (but achievable) goals related to your conversions, CPA (cost-per-acquisition), and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

We’ll define who we’ll target and detail our action plan for your advertising campaign – the steps we’ll take to achieve your goals.

Detailed Facebook advertising strategy
Precise audience targeting

Precise audience targeting

Facebook has many options for targeting specific audiences, but instead of running straight, we’ll do our research to devise a strategy based on identifying the right types of buyers.

As the Top Facebook Ads Management Company In Delhi, We believe that audience targeting is often the difference between a good campaign and a ninja campaign. By placing your ads in front of the right people, we’ll increase your conversion rate and keep your CPA to a minimum.

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Facebook and Instagram Ads Optimization

Our in-house team can handle all elements of stop scroll ad design, whether it’s writing an engaging ad text that matches a social scholar’s mood, or creating engaging videos to capture information in the most engaging way possible.

We will work closely with you to make sure your ads match your brand.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Optimization
Split test

Split test

Whether it’s for test audience segmentation, landing pages or ads, knowing when to test and what to test is just as important as being able to interpret and learn from results. And since we work across multiple campaigns, we often apply lessons learned from unrelated fields to achieve better results.

Facebook Ads Improvements

Well made campaign. Great Campaigns is constantly being improved, revised, and improved. That’s why Go-Live Day is only the beginning. Every spectator is tired. Each ad eventually reaches saturation. But our Facebook advertising team is absolutely relentless in constantly improving, rethinking, and testing new angles to find better performance.

Facebook Ads Improvements
Transparents & analysis of fb& ads campaign

Transparent reporting on ad performance

As the Top Facebook Ads Management Company In Delhi, We believe it is essential that you know what we do, why we do it, and what is happening as a result. That’s exactly what our transparent reporting tells you.

You will have the option of holding weekly calls with your account manager to discuss your campaign, as well as a more in-depth quarterly review of our progress against our agreed twelve-month goals.


Best Instagram Ads Agency In Delhi

Our Promotional Success As The Best Facebook Ads Services Company In Delhi

Every company that first thinks about advertising on Facebook wonders, how profitable is this platform’s advertising, really? Although creating and setting up a new Facebook page is very easy, it is not easy to manage and achieve the expected results. We always try to apply advanced Facebook FB advertising techniques to get the desired results. An effective brand requires a lot of effort and time. There are many things to consider to get the expected result-

The Best Facebook Ads Services Company In Delhi

Here are some considerations to take into account in order to deliver advertising messages and achieve success without interrupting the user’s free time on Facebook.

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Our advertising services include Facebook

What types of strategies have proven successful for business with Facebook? Here are some tried and tested tips you can use.

Web Cloud Technology is an Affordable Facebook Lead Generation Ads Company In Delhi, famous for Facebook Lead Generation Ads with immense experience in –

Best Social Media Ads Agency In Delhi

Our Facebook Ads Management & Instagram Ads Management Techniques

Facebook marketing company or is a great way to expand your business with a target audience based on their location, interests, gender, and age. You can also create a Custom Audience for your customers by feeding them aggregated data. Facebook Ads Manager is a tool by the Facebook to promote your business on its platforms. Ads also appear on the News Feed page for mobile and desktop. It allows you to target a specific audience.

Your Facebook Ads Goals

Objectives refer to the goal of the advertisement. They vary as per the need and nature of your business. We strategize advertising campaigns for your business to dominate the market and track down your competitors.

1.Brand awareness

With Facebook brand awareness campaigns, you can attract more sales for your new/existing product or services in the long run. This campaign is generally run by start-ups and established companies. This doubles your loyal customers and prevents your competitors from gaining additional market share leading to more sales of your products/services. Your brand can gain an expanded audience through a Facebook marketing company.


Reach refers to the number of people who see your Ads. With this goal, you can bring information about discount offers, product launches, and special events to thousands of people at the lowest cost. This target is the best option for NGOs, theatres, and event organizers. With a good facebook ad services or instagram ad services, you can increase your reach.


Engagement refers to people’s feedback, and includes commenting, sharing, liking, video views, website visits, and bid claims. Participation in a post determines your brand’s acceptance among people. If your Facebook post gets thousands of shares and comments, it will go viral and eventually lead to brand awareness. You can approach any good Facebook marketing company to run the campaign.

4.Website Traffic

This goal helps you to increase sales from your e-commerce or monetize your blog. Your Facebook ads will also funnel traffic to your websites and apps. Increasing traffic leads to convert into sales. This campaign is the best option for online media and blogging promotion with a Facebook advertising company in India.

5.Video views

Videos are the tried and tested way to engage with your audience, whether you want to promote your YouTube videos or promote your brand/product/services, every type of video is viral with Facebook Ads manager could. This campaign engages your target customer for a relatively long time. As the sharing time increases, people will remember it for months. With the right facebook ad services Or instagram ad services, you can run a great campaign for your brand.

6.App Installations

Whether the app is developed for monetization or you have a dedicated e-commerce app, the custom CTA (call to action) button in a Facebook ad will download it to the user’s smartphone as soon as the user clicks on it. This campaign has been widely adopted to promote gaming apps and OTT.

7.Lead Generation

You can bring in targeted customers through Facebook Ads manager. This strategy is applicable to all industries, especially the service industry. Advertising campaigns for lead generation allow you to get the necessary information for customers. You can approach a Facebook agency in India to get thousands of potential clients for your brand.


This ad campaign is visible to people who have previously interacted with your brand or whose interests are associated with your products/services. This ad will only be shown to the people who are most likely to buy your products, so the return on investment is quite high.

9.Catalogue Sales/Ecommerce Store Promotion

Catalogues are information and images of your products/services that should be saved on Facebook. These products/services are promoted only once. This campaign is not just limited to e-commerce promotion, but you can also advertise hotels, flights, real estate, and cars. When people proceed to purchase products/services, they are redirected to your website or app so that the payment is directly credited to your account.


The purpose of this campaign is to get leads from Facebook through messages received on Facebook Messenger. You will definitely need a Facebook India advertising agency to run this type of campaign. Irrespective of the size of the business, this campaign is implemented to interact personally with the target customers, simplify the buying process and answer their queries quickly.

11.Offline Store Visit

The goal of your Facebook ads is to drive traffic to your physical store. The great thing about this Target is that you can tag your stores that are in multiple locations and people can visit the store, whichever is closer to their location.

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Our Working Strategy

Advertising plan

In this step, we get to know the nature of your business. To set advertising goals, we take input from you to synchronize your aspirations and our strategy. The next step is to analyze your competitors' strategies and develop a plan to control them.

Competitor analysis

Once you've targeted your ads, it's time to get into your competitor's strategy. This step aims to reveal your competitor's strategy and use it to your advantage. Here, we use a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis technique

Advertising development

We examine the reason for the previous unsuccessful ad campaign (if any) before actually developing the ad output. Our creative writers and graphic designers develop images, captions, and titles with the campaign's goal in mind. This output determines success, so we use inspiring images and content that grabs attention.

Ads Monitor

Constant monitoring is an essential part of Facebook Ads manager. As a business owner, you definitely don't have time to monitor your ads, so we assign a dedicated account manager to monitor your campaign trends. This is part of our service and we will not charge additional fees for it.

Ads optimization

Once the ad is shown, our dedicated account manager monitors the campaign's direction and makes necessary changes if necessary. Our goal is to maximize the bottom line of the campaign with the maximum possible return on investment with the right Facebook Ads Agency.

Ads reporting

We believe in transparency so we send you detailed reports after the end of each campaign. This report highlights your total expenses and returns on invested capital. You can also share your input to make this campaign more effective.

The final Insights

Facebook provides a number of metrics to measure the success of ad campaigns. With these metrics, you can track the revenue generated by it.

Best Ads Company In Delhi

Why Web Cloud Technology

At Web Cloud Technology, we have a combined team of industry experts and young minds. This is because while industry experts keep an eye on Facebook analytics, young minds spend most of their time following social media trends. These young minds give fresh perspectives and come up with unique marketing ideas under the supervision and expertise of industry professionals. In this way, we ensure that our customers get the most out of the Facebook advertising service.

  1. Bridging the gap between your business and your audience.
  2. Give maximum exposure to Facebook for your brand.
  3. Use different targeting specifications such as age, gender, and behavior to target the audience that converts to loyal customers.
  4. Make your Facebook page successful among Facebook users, which increases brand recognition authority.
  5. Budget-friendly advertising practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Facebook ads are 100% worth it if you want to use Facebook to reach a wider audience, generate new customers, and convert more customers.
  • It is the third most visited website in the world after only Google and YouTube. If someone is online, they will probably go to Facebook. If they don’t, they will probably switch over to Instagram, which is owned by – you guessed it – Facebook (or Meta, if you follow).
  • The reach that Facebook provides to advertisers is unparalleled and is likely to remain that way for a long time.
  • Impossible! Marketing has not changed. You need to make some adjustments, but the basics of marketing remain the same (which is how we always build our campaigns).
  • So far, Facebook is one of the least expensive providers of ad space. This allows you to reach the same number of people at a fraction of the cost of Google and Facebook ads, giving you the opportunity to reach your audience at any part of your customer journey, a long-term benefit for your business can offer.



  • More than 1.9 billion people use Facebook daily, and more than 30 million companies have active Pages.
  • Facebook ads are designed to help businesses reach the right people with the right message.
  • As a Facebook advertiser, you can create campaigns to achieve specific business goals, such as getting people to click on your website or purchase a product.
  • The Facebook advertising platform allows you to be highly specific in targeting your ad with advanced ad creative capabilities so you can create compelling ads.
  • When people are on Facebook or Instagram, they may see your ad based on several targeting factors. You can also track certain actions taken by the people associated with your ad so you can optimize your campaigns to get the best results.
  • The basic elements that make up the advertising campaign:
  • Ad design: Ad image and text that shares your message with your ideal audience
  • Targeting: the audience you are targeting with your ad
  • Position: The place where the ad appears
  • Bid: The amount you want to pay so that customers can see your ad and take the required action
  • Budget: The amount you want to spend on your advertising campaign
  • Schedule: The length of time your ad will be shown

Personalization: What you want the algorithm to see

  • It highly depends on your marketing system and your goals with advertisements.
  • First, you need a strong marketing system that includes a product people want, an attractive offer, a funnel that converts people, and a follow-up system for those who want to buy right away. They are not ready for that.
  • Below are the best types of advertising campaigns for different business objectives
  • Brand awareness: campaign reach, traffic, or video views. It allows you to search for your business at a low cost.
  • Email List Growth: Optimized conversion campaigns are better for potential customers. This tells the algorithm to “find” people who are likely to join your email list.

Sales: Optimized conversion campaign for purchases. While this seems like the most ideal thing to start with, it’s more expensive, which is why many people start out with other campaigns and work their way up over time.

It is strategically designed ads. You need to know your ideal audience in-depth and get a product they want. Then you need to devise marketing messages and visuals that will attract the right people. You also want to target specifically with Facebook’s Audience Tool. Finally, you need to know how to test, track, and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results over time.

  1. Location: Reach people by country, state, province, current city or zip code
  2. Age & Gender: Limit your audience by age and gender
  3. Language: Target your ads to specific languages
  4. Behaviour: Reach people based on their buying behavior or intent, device usage, and more
  5. Connections: Access people connected to your Facebook Business Page, app, event, or friends
  6. Sharing: Target people who interact with your social media or watch your videos
  7. Custom Audiences: Build your ideal audience using pixels, email addresses, and phone numbers
  8. Similar audiences: Reach people who are similar to your audience (your audience)
  9. Interests: Facebook allows you to select your audience’s interests as a targeting option so you can find new people based on the things they’ve shown interest in

There can be many reasons why your ad may be disapproved. Facebook will give you an error message when your ad is disapproved, be sure to check it out and see specific details of what you might need to edit to get your ad approved.

One of the most common reasons why your ad may be disapproved is because of a long list of prohibited and restricted content in Facebook’s policies. Restricted content is allowed but you must often follow certain rules depending on your local location. Restricted content is never allowed on Facebook.

Anyone can run their own Facebook ads, but that was before the iOS update. Now it takes a specific type of people to see great results in displaying ads for you, so having some sort of support is highly recommended when it comes to running Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can run both Facebook and Instagram ads from the same Facebook Ads Manager platform. When creating your ads, select the Instagram placement at the ad group level and your ads will appear on both platforms (and Instagram only if you prefer).

It’s a good idea to test ads on both Facebook and Instagram for the following reason:

Better distribution: The algorithm works better with more people to choose from (as long as your targeting and advertising are strategic.)

  1. Are you willing to learn and have patience?
  2. Are you ok to detect technical problems?
  3. Do you want to write a converting copy or create a digital photo and video?
  4. Do you enjoy doing it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, try playing it yourself!

Ads can take 10-15 hours per week and take a lot of building, testing, tracking, and analysis. It is a continuous process. If you’re a busy business owner, it makes sense to outsource your ads, but if you have a limited budget and have the time, you can try running ads yourself.