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Some website owners may criticize Matt Cutts’ ideas and concepts; others praise him for providing Google Panda and Penguin updates. He came up with different versions of these two Google Updates beasts that really changed the way search engine marketing works. Today, regular updates and changes to Google’s algorithm have raised the bar for some SEO experts; Bring joy and job satisfaction to others. Depending on the type and quality of work that has been put into the SEO work, the approach to search engine optimization has really changed.

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If we talk about different ways of SEO, social media optimization and online marketing, then the words are less. Here, we come to the main topic of Google Adwords – an innovative paid way of advertising. Getting many times more than your investment in advertising depends on the investment. Google Adwords or Pay Per Click is a prevalent method of effective online advertising and online marketing which is now gaining momentum day by day. It is an auction type system, which enables advertisers to submit bids to rank them in the search network. If someone searches for a particular keyword, they will also see some ads in the right navigation bar for the target keyword. They are known as sponsored search results that immediately grab users’ attention. There is no denying the fact that PPC really works wonders and is taking the world of online marketing and online advertising by storm. Being the core of any successful online business, it is really effective as compared to other marketing methods and advertising is also much more effective and result oriented best Adwords Services in Delhi.

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It also involves a simple and easy process that starts with a competitive research or business background and gains momentum in keyword generation, copywriting, ad targeting, bid management, block reporting and analysis. There are many additional benefits of using a Google AdWords for advertising.
If you are planning to bring your website to the top along with increasing sales and traffic, then adopting the paid advertising method will definitely be effective and result oriented. For such an amazing advertisement, you will be awarded with the best leading Google pay per click management company providing comprehensive services and results oriented solutions.
Find the best Google AdWords Company in India and you will also be on the side of the people who take advantage of the latest technology. All you have to do is ask any website or search on the internet and you will be in touch with our Google ads agency. So what are you waiting for, be a part of good business earnings through paid advertising or PPC.

What are Google ads marketing or pay per click marketing?​

Managing your pay per click account is an important part of managing your online business end. While most companies understand the value of pay-per-click advertising campaigns, only a few understand the details of running PPC campaigns well enough to effectively manage pay-per-click accounts. This led to the rise of marketing and management companies that provide PPC advertising services to companies that do not have their own advertising departments to handle the task. Understanding what you can expect from a PPC advertising management company can help you choose the best google ads management service service for your needs.

We as a comprehensive PPC advertising company provide all the following services in various packages.

Analyze your competition and current pay per click marketing strategy

The first step in creating an effective pay-per-click campaign is to analyze your current marketing strategy and evaluate your competitors to see what works. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns depend on choosing the right keywords and phrases to target with your ads. Understanding how people find your competition — as well as what isn’t working for you — will help from the PPC advertising company which design a PPC marketing campaign that works for your business.

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Objective market analysis

Like any advertising campaign, a PPC campaign depends on targeting the right audience. Many of the best Google pay per click management companies will analyze your market to help you determine the best target market for your services. This may include analyzing where and why your competitors are advertising, as well as identifying specific websites and demographics to target with your PPC ads.

PPC Advertising Test​

One of the most important parts of building a successful PPC campaign is testing multiple versions of Google display ads that deliver the highest click-through rate and highest conversion rate. Most PPC management companies include testing of new ads as part of their PPC services.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Development​

Target market analysis will help the Google pay per click management agency develop ads designed to attract your most potential and most profitable audience. Some inexpensive PPC advertising companies outsource this part of managing your account or use ad templates to create ads for your company, but the best PPC companies work to ensure the best conversion rates and results for each client company. Develops many customized ads.

Setting up conversion and tracking counters

It is not enough just to make advertisements and put them in the wild. You should be able to track visitors as they visit your website. Google and Yahoo! Bing and other search engines have conversion counters that help you analyze what your site visitors do after they arrive so that you can adjust your pay-per-click campaign and marketing strategy.

Integration with SEO

Your google ads company will work with you to combine their marketing efforts with on-page SEO for landing pages and other site pages to increase the conversion rate of your ads. PPC advertising campaigns that provide the best return on investment are those that treat the entire sales process as a coordinated whole rather than as separate parts that are forced to work together.

Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting

Follow-up is the ultimate service provided by a PPC agency, which includes monitoring ad performance and click rates, optimizing your site for the best-performing ads, and adjusting your keyword list. Keywords and ads that don’t convert into business for you so that you don’t pay for it.
Contact a PPC advertising company to reduce your workload and increase your profits by applying your knowledge of SEO and pay-per-click marketing techniques to your website.

Types Of Google Ad Campaigns & Their Best Uses

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of Google Ads, let’s look at five types of Google ad campaigns and see how you can use them to advertise your business.

1. Google search ads - attract people who are looking for your products

Google search ads are text ads that you see on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your search ads can appear at the top of organic search results or at the bottom of a page.

Best Use For: Appearing in front of people who are willing to buy. By targeting keywords with buyers’ intent, you can reach buyers when they are searching for the products and services you offer.

2. Display Ads - Increase Brand Awareness​

While search ads are text-based and allow you to target specific keywords, display ads are image-based and allow you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your products, but who haven’t searched for them yet. You can usually see Display Network campaigns when you browse your favourite websites. However, it can also appear on your Gmail account, apps, or videos.

Best Use For: Reach potential customers early in the buying cycle and increase awareness of your brand.

Google Display ads can help you introduce your business to a specific target audience who is likely to be interested in what you’re selling. This way, you can reach more people than just using search ads.

3. Video Ads - Appear in front of your target audience​

Since YouTube is linked to Google and works just as a search engine for videos – you can target your potential customers on YouTube based on what they watch. And with over 2 billion users worldwide, you have a huge audience to target! Your video ad campaigns are placed before, during or after YouTube videos and in search results.

Best Use For: Presenting your product or service to a relevant audience.

With video ads, you can use demographic targeting and reach the ideal audience based on age, gender, and interests.

4. Shopping Ads - Advertise to buyers who are willing to buy​

Google Shopping ads are product-based ads. They are shown specifically for product searches on Google.

Unlike regular search ads, Shopping ads display the product image along with the product title, price, store name, and reviews. Essentially, they provide important product information to shoppers before they visit an online store.

Best Use For: Increase traffic to your e-commerce store and increase sales.

5. App Ads - Increase App Installs​

Do you have a mobile app for your business? With Google Ads, you can promote it with App campaigns across Google’s largest assets, including Google Play, YouTube, Search, and the Google Display Network.

Best Use For: Create an ad or take a specific action to promote app installs.

Unlike other types of ads in Google Ads, you don’t need to create separate ads for App campaigns. Instead, your ads are automatically tailored for you!

Discovery ads- best google ads agency in Delhi

6. Discovery Ads - Promote locations on many channels​

Discovery ads are a new type of Google advertising that allows you to reach up to 3 billion customers with a single campaign on your Discover, YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, as well as Gmail promotions and social tabs.

These ads are somewhat similar to display ads because they allow you to clearly tell your brand’s story and target people who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Use Discovery Ads to increase your brand awareness.

Best Use For: Showing your ads on Search, Display Network, Maps, and YouTube as part of a campaign.

7. Smart ads - automate your campaigns​

Smart Campaigns is the easiest way to automate your campaigns and run your ads.

Enter your business information and create some ads, and Google will find the best targeting for you to make the most of your time and money.

Best Use for: Increase sales and subscriptions for your products and services in an automated manner.

Smart Campaigns- ppc marketing


Work With The Best Google Ads Agency In Delhi

With the development of the Internet, the world of marketing has fundamentally shifted to the digital space. There is no longer any need for door-to-door sales or expensive TV ads to capture the attention of your customers or target audience. Internet search engines and social media have brought buyers and sellers closer than ever before. So there is a great demand for a good agency certified by Google and efficient PPC services in Delhi, India. Due to its wide reach among the audience and effectively identifying the target audience for business, search engine marketing has gained popularity among enterprises. In addition, search engine marketing is a cost-effective technique, providing the desired results in a more streamlined way than other forms of direct marketing.

Google advertising agency in Delhi has become a popular way of online advertising, by commercial companies, to market their products online. However, one must note that to get the desired results and full value for money, only approach a good Google approved agency in India. With pay-per-click (PPC) services, sponsored links can be purchased on websites of search engine results pages, blogs or content sites. This is a form of paid search, which allows you to pay an amount so that your website will appear on the search engine results pages. This helps your website get increased traffic and additional consumer awareness as display ads are created to drive visitors to your site. A well-managed PPC campaign is cost-effectively organized for online advertising, catering only to visitors who have shown interest in the product or services. The target audience is well defined and the amount is determined based on the number of clicks or ad views. Thus, pay-per-click advertising is a great option to complement an organization’s internal marketing efforts. The PPC advertising budget can be customized and customized according to the organization’s sales goals or the company’s marketing strategy.

To ensure that a PPC campaign delivers the desired results over a period of time, an ad manager must track keywords and phrases and evaluate their success based on the amount of traffic to the website. Ensures that PPC campaigns are operating at optimum levels and necessary changes are made in a timely manner. However, marketers should be aware that PPC advertising campaigns provide limited results and that prior brand awareness needs to be taken care of. In the absence of brand equity or value proposition, PPC campaigns can only attract window shoppers. Google ads agency must also accept that not every ad can lead to increased revenue and that not every click will lead to a conversion. Finally, before starting a PPC campaign, you should ascertain clear business-related goals and objectives as this will determine the long-term return on investment (ROI) of the marketing campaign.


How can Google ads management services help you to grow?

The beauty of digital marketing is that it can help any business, regardless of its size. Whether you are a group with a global presence, or a small business working from home, the benefits of digital marketing are for everyone.

Sometimes it can be argued that digital marketing is more beneficial for small local businesses as they operate with limited resources, however digital marketing can give them a lot in terms of leads, traffic and conversions. In order to have an effective digital marketing strategy to promote your local business, it is always a good idea to partner with the best Google ads agency in Delhi or elsewhere who can share their experience to help you grow your business and can bring knowledge.

So, how can PPC marketing help you grow your local business?

Is PPC marketing Cost Effective – PPC advertising is not cost effective. While many digital marketing strategies see increasing leads and traffic through organic means, there are also paid methods like paid advertising that are very effective and still deliver great results. You can set your own budget and advertising spend according to your resources and improve it as you grow. Since the audience is highly targeted, you are paying for real results, not just wasting precious money hoping that people will see your ads.

Highly Targeted Audience

All types of paid advertising, whether on search engines or social media, can be highly targeted using demographics, location as well as personal interests, hobbies, purchase history, etc., so that the traffic you get And drive people who are genuinely interested in buying your products and services.

Reach More People​

The number of customers you can reach through digital marketing are huge on search engines or social media, and you can reach all those potential customers in an instant. In addition, you can build closer relationships with your customers, instilling trust in your brand, as well as gaining recognition.

Build Brand Recognition​

Being online creates brand recognition, and the more media you can see, the more people will know about your brand and business. Therefore, building a good and positive online presence for your business with experienced PPC advertising in Delhi or elsewhere is very important. Brand identity creates trust and when a customer trusts a brand or company, they promote it to others as well.


Multiple Methods and Media​

When it comes to digital marketing, there is not one method but a collection of different methods and techniques that you can use individually or in combination with each other to achieve your goals. The best Google ads agency in Delhi can help you decide which strategies best fit your business goals.

Track and Measure​

PPC marketing provides many tools to track and measure the progress of your campaigns. It’s very useful to know which of your campaigns are giving you the results you want and which aren’t, so it’s easy to make changes to those non-working campaigns and save time and money.

Call to Action ​

A call to action is essential when it comes to helping a potential customer make the all-important decision about whether or not to buy a product. Attractive and attractive solicitation may be the only thing that turns a potential customer into a real sale. These are also useful in lead generation which is not possible with traditional marketing methods.

Custom Landing Pages

With PPC marketing strategies such as paid advertising, your potential customers will click on your ads and visit your website, where you can have separate custom landing pages for each of your ads, rather than having your customers visit you to their website homepage and then lounging their way to your site in search of products and services that interest them, leading to abandonment.

Faster Results ​

With digital marketing, you can see faster results with your campaigns like paid ads etc.

What's The Difference Between PPC Service And SEO Service?​

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that the traffic coming from SEO (organic) is free whereas the traffic generated by PPC is not free (as the name suggests cost to pay to get per click).

This is why you may sometimes see the terms organic search engine listing and paid search engine listing (or paid search ads – PSA).

Both SEO and PPC are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is one of the tools that you can use as part of your overall online marketing campaign.

We as Affordable PPC Services Provider In India, will try to explain the other main differences between the two using the following parameters: position in search results, cost, traffic capacity, conversions, and ease of use.


We as the Best PPC Services In India, mentioned above that SEO visits are free and pay per click (PPC) and while this is absolutely true, you must understand that getting free traffic from search engines takes a lot of effort and hard work.

The competition is high for almost every keyword you can search for and you really need a quality website and a great SEO plan to get one of the top 5 jobs.

Despite what some SEO companies try to sell you, there are no shortcuts. If you are not familiar with how search engines work or know nothing about SEO, the best way to get search engine traffic is to hire an SEO expert to do the work for you.

On the other hand, PPC cost depends on many other factors.

If we take for example the cost per click of advertising using the most popular PPC system, Google Ads, it depends on the popularity of the keyword, the number of advertisers who want to use a particular keyword and the number of websites related to the keywords, Ad placement and much more.

If this sounds a bit complicated, it’s probably despite Google’s efforts to make the entire system easy to use.

The good news with PPC is that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives, not the views.

In addition, you can set your daily budget up front and not pay more than that and you can estimate the average CPC for the keywords you want to target.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Google’s Keyword Tool (part of Google Ads) gives you a CPC estimate for each keyword.

SEO: The cost of SEO is indirect. You can't pay to visit the first page, but you may have to pay for SEO services if you can't do the SEO yourself.

PPC: You only pay when people click on your Ad. You can use Google's Keyword Tool to calculate how much you can pay.


Position in search results​

As you can see in the search result, you can expect to find PPC ads at the top and bottom of organic results.

Exactly where your ad will appear depends on many factors (such as the keywords you’re targeting, keywords in ad copy, keywords on your landing page, and more) but may be above or below the organic results.

Free results may only appear in the middle of the page. Your listing will appear in the top positions or on the first page depending on how well your website has been optimized for on-site and off-site SEO.

  • SEO: If your website is optimized for search engines, you can get first page position
  • PPC: You can get your ad on the first page by paying a higher cost per click (CPC).

Best Google Ads Agency In Delhi


Is a visitor from pay-per-click advertising or from organic search more likely to convert (i.e. make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, and simply respond to a call to action)?

A PPC visitor is more likely to convert than a search visitor if your ads are highly targeted and optimized.

This is because the web page may be categorized for different keywords (other than those initially intended) so the search visitor is not at all searching for the content (or product) displayed on a particular page.

On the other hand, if you run a successful PPC campaign, you will only receive clicks from visitors who are 100% interested in your content or products.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization traffic is better than other types of traffic (i.e. social media) but not as good as PPC traffic in terms of conversions.
  • PPC: highly optimized keywords will generate more conversions but cost more

Ease of use​

It is not easy to do SEO or PPC if you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Search engine optimization is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. It can take months or even years to arrange for specific conditions or not arrange at all!

On the other hand, to get some good results with PPC and AdWords, you have to hire a PPC expert to help you out or you’ll need to spend a few hundred dollars before you understand how it works. Loss may be occurring.

Traffic capacity

What method can bring more traffic to your website, search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) services?

SEO (organic traffic) can get you more traffic than PPC, so if you can rank your website for the keywords you want, you will get much more traffic than those keywords pay. This is because when your website appears in one of the top 5 positions (according to statistics, most search traffic goes to one of the top 5 websites); you can expect a steady stream of 24×7 traffic without paying anything. The amount of traffic depends on how popular the keyword is.

So, if you compare the cost of traffic and first page positioning for search engines (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) traffic, organic traffic is better. Some studies show that PPC ads get more clicks than organic ads but this also translates to more cost. On the other hand, if it is very difficult to get the first page position for a keyword, then paying for traffic may be your only option as the second and third page positions are likely to bring 0 or very little traffic.

  • SEO: As long as you rank first in one of the top positions, organic traffic is maintained.
  • PPC: PPC ads may get more clicks but that means you pay more.

Who Should Use PPC Advertising?

Running a start-up is certainly not easy, especially when you have to decide how much to invest in marketing and what kind of marketing to do. Most start-ups will immediately turn to SEO, thinking it’s the only way to get to the top of the search engine list without spending a ton, but there are other ways to get there, without spending everything you have. Pay-per-click advertising is a challenging process that can take weeks or months and requires constant testing and improvement to ensure that it performs to the best of its ability. If you’re not willing to put in that effort, you may just be wasting your money. However, if you’re committed to doing it the right way, a google ads marketing could be the inspiration your start-up desperately needs. PPC is also a great way to let consumers know that your company exists, and drive them to your website in large numbers.

The first step in this process knows what PPC is and what it is used for. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is a great way to get your business featured in search listings. While the purpose of SEO is to grow your business, you can get paid to have a PPC appear at the top of the search list when you search for certain keywords. The more searches for these keywords, the more expensive your ad will be to associate with them. Google provides an excellent guide on how to get started with PPC and shows you how to bid on keywords, how to find the right keywords, and how to make sure your business pays. How to track your success

After that, you will start creating your ad. Your ad should be relevant to your business and show the benefits consumers accrue from clicking on your website. When they click on the ad, they are taken to your landing page, which displays these same views. Even if you’re looking to eventually make a sale, your ad shouldn’t be all that much. Instead, it should relate to your target audience in a way that shows them the relevance and importance of your business, which leads them to your landing page, which in turn will drive them to complete a sale.

Start-ups are exciting and volatile​

Start-ups are incredibly dynamic, engaging and fast-paced environments. It is an exciting time as new budding business players can turn into household names. It’s a scene where entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses, some of which become our most recognizable brands. It’s also a time that can break business owners because some ideas don’t translate into revenue and build an audience. 75% of start-ups fail in their first year itself. But don’t be disappointed. Smart digital marketing and pay-per-click or PPC advertising is needed to gain momentum from day to day zero.

Gets the ball rolling with PPC expert

One of the most important challenges with new start-ups is getting your income stream up to speed. It may take some time for new companies to start absorbing search traffic naturally because it takes time for new websites to rank well on Google. You may have created a high-quality, innovative product that the market desperately needs, but it doesn’t make sense if potential customers can’t find you by searching online. Domain age is an important factor in search engine algorithms, which makes it difficult to spot new sites and brands.

Google ads management services designed for start-ups

Lucky you, PPC advertising is perfect for start-ups! Pay-per-click allows you to push your brand new landing pages to the top of Google without having to wait for organic SEO to start. PPC means that by targeting the right keywords, you can start selling your product to new customers immediately. PPC campaigns are also dynamic because you can adapt them to all budgets, big and small, which is important for any start-up. We work with you to create PPC campaigns tailored to your budget and goals. Once your organic SEO starts generating traffic, we can help you cut your PPC spend, which will increase your bottom line.

You may not see results from the time you start your campaign or for weeks afterward. Even if you optimize everything to the best of your abilities, you may still find that your conversion rate isn’t increasing, or that consumers aren’t clicking through to your landing page. It is important to keep viewing and testing ads so that you can build a relationship with your target audience. If you tell them about your business now, you’ll find that they complete the sale tomorrow. 

Google ads management


How Does Google Ads Marketing Worth For You?

We all know that Google is the most popular and most used search engine. With 1.2 trillion queries per year, 3.5 billion daily users, and 40,000 searches per second, it’s safe to say that Google Ads offers virtually unlimited opportunities for marketers looking to increase brand awareness and sales.

Source: SparkToro

Google search provides a unique potential audience that is actively searching for your products, services, and content. The results are divided into three networks… the search network, the display network, and the video network.

Let’s see why Google Ads is worth your time and money.

best ppc company in delhi

1. Pay per click marketing Deliver Faster Results than Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

The biggest difference between SEO and PPC is the time it takes to see results. With Google Ads, you’ll see results almost instantly. Within minutes of your ad being approved, you may start getting new traffic. To get started, simply enter your carefully searched target keyword list, set your maximum bid and budget, and your traffic can start flowing on the same day. With SEO, it often takes longer to see results…and sometimes several months. While SEO is important for long-term sustainability, Google ads marketing are all about instant gratification.

2. Unlimited Capacity

Google Ads is a scalable marketing strategy with millions of keywords to bid on and new keywords added daily. This means that your target audience is virtually unlimited. Ready to increase your traffic? Add some new keywords! Create a pay per click marketing campaign that earns you money? Increase your daily spend to get more clicks. With Google Ads, keywords are ranked in the bidding system. When you bid higher, you increase your position. So, if you are in fourth place, increase you’re spending and you can move to second place. Money travels around the world and the higher you rank, the more traffic and clicks you will get. Raising your bid allows you to attract as many potential customers as your budget allows.

3. Impressive analytics and tracking performance

Google ads marketing are a free tool that includes valuable and insightful analytics. This allows you to easily A/B test your ad copy and landing pages to increase your ROI – this is the key to any successful digital marketing campaign.
Pay-per-click statistics not only tell you how your ads are performing, but also suggest changes that can be made to improve your results. It tells you everything from the average CPC and ad position to the conversion rate…and more.

You can see click-through rate (CTR), cost per conversion (CPC), keyword search volume, Ad Quality Score, and Ad Position Rank at a glance. It’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly.
By associating Google Ads with your Google Analytics account, you can compare PPC data and organic search data side by side. All of this data can help you better spend your marketing budget and provide data to support your decisions with senior management.

4. Flexibility and control

Google ads marketing can be paused in seconds or paused and resumed later without penalty. This flexibility allows you to better control your marketing spending, and without contracts or fixed terms, no money is wasted.

Discovery ads- best google ads agency in Delhi

5. Get ahead of your competition

No matter what industry you’re in, your competitors are always there to steal your traffic and sales with SEO and PPC. But with Google Ads, you can get ahead of them by increasing your bids on the right keywords.

Let’s say your competitors beat you to SERPs by investing in SEO. With a smart pay-per-click strategy, you can increase and beat your bids.

Or, if they’re running a pay per click marketing campaign, that’s all you, have to do to push them down the rankings.

Not only can you use paid search to cost your competitors’ clicks and traffic, but you can also drive traffic to your website. In short, you are stealing their traffic and redirecting to your website.

6. Leveling the Playing Field

Many people believe that the one with the bigger budget will win, but this is not always the case. In fact, Google prioritizes quality and relevance when deciding which ads to show, just as it does with organic search results.

From Google’s point of view, the more relevant the ad is to the user’s query, the better the user experience. A user with good experience will continue to use Google as their search engine.

Therefore, Google considers ad quality and relevance as important as the maximum CPC bid. Therefore, there is no need to bid as high for high-quality, optimized ads as advertisers, who create poor-performing, irrelevant, low-quality ads.

Sure, some related keywords will be more expensive than others (with the finance industry being pretty expensive) but high-quality ads can lead to better ad placements and significantly lower prices – even for small businesses. Even for owners whose marketing budget is small.

Smart Campaigns- ppc marketing
Discovery ads- best google ads agency in Delhi

7. Google Ads Available in a Variety of Formats​

Google AdWords was originally launched in 2000 with basic text-based ads. Although many of the core elements remain today, Google Ads now offers a number of features designed to help users engage and attract new customers.

There are specialized types of advertising available to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries, from restaurants to personal injury lawyers.

With things like site links, social proofs, site targeting, ad extensions, YouTube Ads and e-commerce shopping ads, the platform now offers incredible customization and control over the advertising experience.


Industries which we provide Our PPC Management Services​

As the best PPC Management Company in Delhi, Web Cloud Technology provides PPC management services to a variety of businesses across industries. We consult with payment campaign management for small and large organizations around the world to increase their business scope and profitability.

Health Care- ppc management

Health Care

As a PPC management company, we help health care brands spread awareness through reliable, up-to-date landing pages, local SEO practices and targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns.


Take advantage of innovative and cost-effective PPC campaigns to drive visitors with better website traffic to generate leads and sales.

E-commerce & Retail

As a top PPC management company in Delhi, we help enhance your physical presence or online retail store; Businesses large and small are increasing sales and solving cart abandonment issues.

travel- google ads

Tour & Travel

The best PPC management agency will maximize brand profitability through services like keyword optimization, AdWords management, social media ads, etc., For Tour & Travel industry.

real estate- google ads

Real Estate

Stay ahead of the competition in a chaotic digital world with paid search marketing services that enable you to boost your search engine rankings and sales.

education- google ads in


By combining pay-per-click and content marketing best practices, our team of experts and project managers can help you build your brand identity and promote your services.

Best PPC Marketing Company In Delhi


Ad network refers to a channel that is capable of delivering advertisements to consumers. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an example of an advertising network. If you want to create PPC ads you should use an ad network like Google Ads, Twitter, or Microsoft Ads. Web Cloud Technology is a trusted advertising agency for your business. Our advertising agency can take your products and services to the right audience and through the right network.

Ad spend is your ad network budget, also known as ad spend. It comes down to how much you can invest in ad networks, whether for a year or a month. Your PPC agency can use advertising spend to reflect its monthly budget in most cases. We understand your budget and your business to share the best PPC advertising strategy with you.

You can advertise on the Internet with pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Search results, third-party sites and social media are the most popular sites. As a marketing agency, we recommend social media marketing for your brand. Social media marketing is a great channel to reach the audience digitally. Our experts can create a Social Media Influencer Marketing campaign that aligns well with another digital marketing strategy.

You have the option to choose the development team that will meet the needs and priorities of your project. We provide support and complete information to help you build the team you want.

Yes! We ensure that all our customers are fully involved in the development process. Our team builds your project on the development server and gives you full access so that you can monitor what actions are being taken.

Yes! Ads that appear in search results are worth more than 45 percent of page clicks. With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can meet customers who want to buy, which can have an immediate impact on your sales numbers. Not to mention that PPC ads also have an average return (ROI) of $2 for every $1 invested.

Pay-per-click advertising campaign prices vary by company, industry, and strategy. However, estimates range between Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 10,000 per month for small and medium-sized businesses. This price range covers additional expenses such as your advertising expenses and PPC management strategies.

Paid media refers to advertisements that companies pay for to drive customers to their websites or to display a brand message on a website, tablet or other digital service.

Over the years, Web Cloud Technology has garnered over 100 successful case studies and high quality expertise in the digital marketing sector. They are a partnership agency between Microsoft and Google AdWords with Google-certified PPC experts. In addition, Web Cloud Technology’s digital team provides complete transparency of all your digital activities with weekly and monthly reports.

At all! Web Cloud Technology is a family of digital professionals who can shape the future of a brand. The team provides comprehensive services from designing web pages to building a dynamic digital presence that spans decades. In addition, the team can work on a large number of accounts simultaneously.

An experienced PPC agency can examine and analyze your e-commerce vision. Agency experts can effectively identify and correct defects. In addition, they can also perform competitive analysis, recommend and implement effective digital marketing measures to accelerate e-commerce sales based on consumer behaviour.

Pay-per-click is known as PPC and it is a digital marketing model where advertisers are paid a set fee every time they click on an ad. Try to earn traffic naturally instead of buying it. A good PPC can help you effectively implement this model for your brand.

Contact a digital expert in Web Cloud Technology to get started with effective, high-quality PPC management strategies and services for your brand. Their digital team can verify your current brand status and take it to a new level with appropriate pay-per-click efforts.

Web Cloud Technology is , Google pay per click partner. Over the years, as a partner of Google, Web Cloud Technology has led numerous pay-per-click campaigns for emerging and niche brands. Therefore, this PPC management company has a higher certified rate of successful PPC campaigns.

pay per click marketing campaign mainly focuses on reaching the right audience and creating brand awareness. So, yes, if you are looking to increase brand visibility and awareness, PPC Marketing is the perfect solution.

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