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What You'll Learn in our Basic to Advance Computer Course

The Computer Defined

Learn the fundamental concepts of what a computer is and how it functions.

Computer Components

Understand the essential parts of a computer system and their roles.

Information Processing Cycle

Discover how data is processed to generate meaningful information.

Computer Processing

Gain insights into how computers process data, including the CPU, RAM, and cache memory.

Mouse Variants

Learn about the various types of computer mice and their applications.

Microsoft Office Basics

Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Internet and Web

Understand the basics of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Types of Computers

Explore various computer types including Digital, Analog, and Hybrid Computers.

Data vs. Information

Differentiate between data and information in the context of computing.

Keyboard Basics

Get acquainted with keyboard components like QWERTY layout, alphanumeric keys, function keys, and more.

Storage Devices

: Explore different storage options like magnetic storage, optical devices, and solid-state drives

Multimedia and Printers

Dive into video, sound, and printer technology in the world of computing.

Computer Networks

Explore the fundamentals of computer networking.

This Course Includes:

Advantage Of Basic to Advance Computer Course in Delhi

This basic computer course covers a wide range of topics, from computer hardware to software applications and networking, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to build their computer fundamentals.

• Classification of Computers (Based on how data is handled)
• Quiz # 1

• Personal Computers
• Quiz # 2

• Computers for Organizations
• Quiz # 3

• Parts of a Computer System
• A computer system has four parts namely hardware, software, user and data.
• Information Processing Cycle
• This lesson covers the four steps involved in Information Processing Cycle i.e. input, processing, output and storage.
• Quiz # 4 5 questions

• Hardware Categories
• Processing Devices
• Memory Devices
• Input and Output Devices
• Storage Devices
• Bus Interconnection

• Layout of an IBM Compatible Keyboard
• Alphanumeric Keys
• Modifier Keys
• Numeric Keypad
• Function Keys
• Cursor-Movement Keys
• Special-Purpose Keys
• Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 1 By the end of this lecture, students will have become familiar with the most commonly used keyboard shortcut keys.
• Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 2 More shortcuts for students to memorize
• Function Keys

• Using a Mouse
• At the end of this lesson students will have learnt what we can do with a pointing device called mouse (pointing clicking, double clicking, dragging, right clicking,scrolling)
• Variants of the Mouse
• By the end of this lesson the students will have learnt the different variants of the mouse i.e. Trackballs, Trackpads (also called Touchpads) and TrackPoints

• Devices for the Hand
• Optical Input Devices
• Audiovisual Input Devices
• Quiz # 10

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