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What You'll Learn

Web Development Fundamentals

Dive into HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and JQuery, the essential building blocks of web development.

Database Management

Gain expertise in managing databases using MongoDB and MySQL. Learn the art of efficient data storage and retrieval.

Container Deployment with Docker

Learn the ropes of deploying applications using container technology.

Server-Side Development Proficiency

Develop REST APIs using Node.js, Express.js, and Databases. Utilize Express.js to build monolithic apps following the MVC architecture.

ReactJS Mastery

Explore React, the JavaScript library for crafting dynamic and interactive user interfaces. You'll become adept at creating reusable components.

Git Version Control:

Master the effective use of Git, a widely-used version control system. Understand concepts such as branching and merging.

MoleculerJs Expertise

Delve into MoleculerJs, a node.js backend framework, and harness its power to create microservice applications. You'll become skilled at crafting services using MoleculerJs.

Program learning

Full Stack Development Course Syllabus

This full stack developer course not only equips you with the necessary
web design skills but also provides you with a comprehensive understanding of
what it means to be a full stack developer.

• Lecture 1 – How to create github account step by step
• Lecture 2 – How to get started with web development
• Lecture 3 – How to start web development from scratch
• Lecture 3 – How To Start Web Development From Scratch Part 2
• Lecture 4 – CSS Introduction

• Understanding the structure and syntax of HTML
• Creating headings, paragraphs, and text formatting
• Working with lists and tables
• Adding images and multimedia content
• Creating hyperlinks and anchors
• Semantic HTML and accessibility best practices

• Introduction to CSS and its role in web design
• Inline styles, internal stylesheets, and external stylesheets
• Working with CSS selectors and properties
• Formatting text and applying styles to elements
• Working with colors, backgrounds, and gradients
• Box model and layout techniques

• Creating and styling div containers
• Understanding CSS positioning (static, relative, absolute, fixed)
• Building responsive layouts with media queries
• Flexbox and CSS Grid for flexible and grid-based layouts
• Creating responsive navigation menus
• Introduction to CSS frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap)

• Introduction to JavaScript and its role in web development
• Variables, data types, and operators
• Control flow and conditional statements
• Looping and iteration
• Functions and scope
• Working with arrays and objects

• Understanding the DOM and its relationship with HTML and JavaScript
• Accessing and manipulating DOM elements
• Event handling and responding to user interactions
• Modifying HTML content dynamically
• Creating interactive forms and validating user input
• Working with timers and animations

• Introduction to popular JavaScript libraries (e.g., jQuery) and frameworks (e.g., React, Angular)
• Installing and using JavaScript libraries in web projects
• Manipulating the DOM using libraries
• Implementing animations and effects
• Introduction to modular JavaScript and package managers (e.g., npm)

• CSS preprocessors (e.g., Sass) and their benefits
• Working with Sass variables, mixins, and partials
• Managing CSS code using nesting and inheritance
• CSS methodologies (e.g., BEM, SMACSS)
• CSS animations and transitions
• Optimizing CSS for performance

• Creating HTML forms and handling user input
• Input validation techniques and error handling
• Working with different form input types (text, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.)
• Submitting form data and handling server-side processing
• HTML5 form features (e.g., input types, validation attributes)

• Preparing a website for deployment
• Web hosting and domain management
• Uploading files using FTP or file managers
• Website performance optimization techniques (e.g., minification, compression)
• Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices
• Website analytics and tracking using tools like Google Analytic

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