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What You'll Learn Graphic Designing Course

Principles of Graphic Designing

Explore the fundamentals of design, including its definition and principles.

Communication through Design

Learn how design plays a crucial role in effective communication.

Creative Advertising

Dive into real-world case studies of creative ads, gaining insights into successful design strategies.

Layout Mastery

Develop skills in creating well-structured and visually appealing layouts.

Color Theory Exploration

Understand the psychology and application of color in design.

Typography Proficiency

Master the art of choosing and arranging fonts effectively.

Web Page and UI Design

Design user-friendly web pages and user interfaces.

Print and Packaging Design

Explore the world of print and packaging design.

Portfolio Development

Build a professional portfolio to showcase your skills on platforms like Behance.

Forms of Design

Explore different forms and styles of design.

Practical Visual Design

Apply your design knowledge in practical projects to enhance your skills.

File Formats

Study various file formats used in graphic design for different purposes.

Image Manipulation

Learn how to edit and enhance images for design projects.

Ad and Banner Design

Create eye-catching advertisements and banners.

Illustrations and Logo Design

Develop skills in creating illustrations and logos.

Social Media Creatives

Design engaging content for social media platforms.

GIF Animation

Learn to create dynamic GIF animations.

Digital Painting

Discover the art of digital painting in graphic design.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for interviews in the graphic design field, equipped with practical knowledge. Join our comprehensive WordPress development course today to become a proficient WordPress developer and unleash your creative potential.

This Course Includes:

Advantage Of Graphic Design Masterclass

Enroll in the best graphic design course in Delhi to gain expertise in various aspects of graphic design,
from layout and color theory to logo design and digital painting.

• What is Graphic Design? What Type of Projects Will I Do?
• The Step-by-Step Process of Becoming a Graphic Designer

• The Anatomy of Typography
• Different Type Styles
• Detailed Review and History of Serif Fonts
• Detailed Review – Sans-Serif Fonts
• Using Type in Layout and Design
• Font Pairing Basics
• Design Theory – INTERMISSION
• Working with Typography: Headlines and Multiple Word Phrases
• Working with Typography: Large Blocks of Text
• Color Theory – Exploring Color Palettes
• EXTRA: Student Challenge – Exploring Color Palettes
• Photos in Design
• Layout and Blocking in Design
• Layout Theory: Layout and Design
• Layout Theory: Effective Layout
• Layout Theory: A Detailed Guide To Grids in Design
• Layout Theory: Design Themes on multiple pages/panels
• Small Design Details Matter In Design: Texture, Drop Shadows, Layering and Light
• Let’s Get Technical: Color Profiles, Sizes and Bleed

• Unleashing the Magic of the Menu Bar
• Navigating Through the Side Panel
• Crafting Brilliance in the Design Area

• Harnessing the Power of Color Palette Generator
• Exploring Captivating Color Palette Ideas
• Mastering the Art of the Color Wheel
• Exploring the Meaning Behind Colors

• Mastering Page Manipulation
• Unveiling the Power of Backgrounds
• Mesmerizing Exploration of Line and Shape
• Unleashing the Magic of Grids
• Embracing the Richness of Styles
• Elevate Your Designs with Frames

• Adding and Editing Text in Canva
• Very Useful Heading Fonts in Canva
• Best Canva Calligraphy Fonts
• Top 10 Canva Font Pairings
• Create Mirror Reflection Effect Using Canva
• Create Text Reflection Effect Using Canva

• Create Stunning Banner
• Craft Captivating Flyer
• Master the Art of Poster Design
• Shape Vibrant Postcards
• Compose Memorable Invitation Cards
• Design Enchanting Wedding Invitations
• Curate Beautiful Photo Collages

Best Graphic Designing Course Course in Karol Bagh

Details of Graphic Designing Course

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An immersive learning experience in Creative Graphic Designing

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