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Play Store Listing and App Store Optimization (ASO)

1. Keyword search

Before optimizing any App Store, thorough keyword research should be done. With proven keyword research techniques, we ensure that we find all the right keywords that users use to search for apps like yours. Not only do we get keywords directly, but we also search for long keywords that are relevant to your app. Based on this keyword research, we formulate a complete App Store optimization strategy. As one of the leading ASO experts in Delhi, we have made strategic and the best way to make your app a keyword ranking that we have identified. The entire plan is then put in place to ensure that your app ranks first when a user searches for any of these keywords. This ranking is achieved with searches performed in the App Store as well as directly in the search engine.

2. App Name

Once you find the right keywords to use in your app, the first step is to optimize the app name for those keywords. Most developers named their business in the app name, but this is not the correct ASO strategy. Instead, the name of the app should contain your keyword for which you are trying to rank the app. Not only this, the keyword must come at the beginning of the app name to get maximum SEO effect. In fact, the business name of your app will not be added to the app name unless space allows it. The most important aspect of an app name is having the right keywords, as it is one of the most critical aspects of App Store ranking. Research has proven time to time again that apps with keywords under their names rank much higher than apps with no keywords. In fact, even if you check out top-rated apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc., you will see that their app names also contain keywords that your app does. Based on this knowledge, we are fully customizing your app name. This is actually the most critical part of App Store optimization that most other ASO agencies miss.

3. Application icon

Another vital visual element to describe the App Store is the app icon in addition to screenshots. The app icon is the first thing that catches a user’s attention when he searches for anything directly on the Play Store. If you have a viral brand app, then the app icon should ideally represent the brand logo. However, if the app is a brand that is not yet very popular, the app icon must really mean the purpose of the app. For example, if the app is a video player, then there must be a video player with a significant play mark on the app icon. So, depending on what your app does, we create a great looking app icon for you, which differs in the Play Store menu, and helps you beat your competitors. The fantastic app icon can be the highlight determining which app a user clicks to open its details page. As one of the best ASO companies, we really know how to create a Pixel Perfect icon, which looks fabulous, shows what your app is doing, and motivates users to download your app.

4. Application Details

After optimizing the name of your app, the following and most time-consuming process is to optimize the description of the app to make it SEO friendly. Not only should the app description describe what your app is doing, but it should do so in a way so that it has the correct use of all the right keywords. The description of the app should be written keeping in mind the keywords. There should be no keyword stuffing, but instead, keywords should be sprinkled naturally in the App Store description to get the most SEO benefits. A well-written App Store description can ensure that your app will continue to receive traffic from search engines for a very long time. Not only will this traffic come directly from search in the play store, but it will also come from search engines as users type these keywords in Google / Bing etc.

Now, it is crucial to not only have a keyword-rich App Store description but also to ensure that the app description is formatted correctly. For example, the first three lines of the application description are more important because they appear as an app summary when the user opens the app’s Play Store page. Therefore, the first three lines must be the most influential. Additionally, the rest of the application details must also be formatted appropriately. Most people are not aware that there are ways to add formatting to App Store descriptions. You can add a bulleted list, bold, underline etc. Therefore, these formatting options should be appropriately used for application highlighting keywords, as well as mapping all features.

Being one of the most experienced ASO companies in Delhi, we know all the tips and techniques to get the best possible App Store details for your app. We also know the various rules and criteria to be followed across multiple app stores, such as Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon AppStore, Opera Mobile App Store, GetJar and all other third-party app stores.

5. Application screen capture

The app’s cool screenshots ensure that when users access your app store page, they are attracted to the app and then download it. An exemplary screenshot of the application clearly shows the interface of the application, its main features, and how to be better than the competitors. Not only that, screenshots should always contain text highlighting the app’s various features. Being one of the top ASO agencies, we know how to create impressive screenshots for your app to entice users to download your app. We know that the best app screenshot should include some phone templates so that users can visually see what the app will look like on the phone. Not only that, but we also understand that screenshots do not have to be actual screenshots of the app; alternatively, they can be modified to highlight the various features of your app. Finally, we know how to add app screenshots to make sure that users can easily read them on their mobile phones as well, and it helps users decide to download the app. Our team of designers works closely with our team of ASO experts to create the best possible screenshots for your app. This results in screenshots that improve the download rate to the app store page visits.

6. Include the video in the app store details

It isn’t straightforward to create great-looking videos that can be added to the Play Store, so most developers don’t include videos in their App Store descriptions. However, a great video can help you stand out from your competitors. This is especially true if your app is highly competitive. In this case, having a video in your App Store description gives a lot of professionalism to your app. Not only that, but you can use the video efficiently to show what your app does, what its different features are, and how your app outperforms your competitors. We have a home video editing team that specializes in making these types of videos. They can create teaser videos that can briefly describe your app as well as highlight its features. Not only that, but they can also create educational videos with voiceover that will clearly show users to use your app. You can be assured that having videos like this will improve your app store to the next level and encourage users to download your app instead of the competitor’s app.

7. Application indexing

Application indexing is a relatively new technique for indexing the content of your application by search engines. Earlier, search engines could only index App Store details, and they ranked the app accordingly. However, the search engine can now index your entire app content. This means that if users search for something specific, the search engine can show your app in search results and may lead to more app downloads. A technical change is required in the application to ensure that the search engine can properly index the content of the application. We can work directly with your technical team to complete application indexing. Not only that, but we can also optimize the content in your app to make it relevant to the search engine so that it can be directly ranked in the search engine. Application indexing is something that very few applications do so far, so we make sure to apply it to our customer’s applications to ensure that their applications stand out from their competitors.

8. Localization of application list

App stores offer the option to translate the app list so that users from different regions can see the app list in their native language. So, if you have an app that works in multiple areas, it is mandatory to have a dedicated App Store menu for different languages. This will ensure that when non-English users open the application details page, they can read the app description in their native language. This will help you to get more non-English users. It will also help you communicate better with users because  when they see the details of the application in their native language, they will feel connected directly to your application. Being one of the most knowledgeable ASO companies, we know how to localize the app list to work best in most regions of the world. Not only a list of apps, but we also translate screenshots of the app to ensure that non-English users can read and understand the screenshot as well. 

It has already been proven that these compiled app store listings can actually help increase app downloads. And the fact that this is just a one-time practice ensures that it is something that should definitely be done. App store listings translate to something that can give you the best return on investment. We can help localize app store menus as well as app screenshots in different languages. You can either provide your own description for the App Store listing or team up with external translators for the native language to get a clear and correct translation for the App Store listing.

9. Use the "What's New" field

The Google Play Store includes the “What’s New” field. Ideally, this field is intended to highlight what has changed in the most recent version of the app. But many people do not realize that this is one of the few areas that continually appears on the app’s details page. Therefore, this field should be used wisely to highlight the latest changes to the app and its main features. Our team of ASO experts strategically use the area of What’s New to interest users in your app and generate more downloads.

10. Regularly updated

Not only do we get a list of the App Store directly from the first step, but we also make sure that it is updated regularly. Updates should be made on the listing page to reflect seasonality, sales, various offers, and new features that can be added to the app. We regularly check your app’s analytics in the App Store and see what works and what can be improved further, and we update your app’s data page accordingly. Regional updates also ensure that when users access your app page, they see that the app is being updated regularly, and as such, it is more up-to-date. Compared to its competitors.

11. Encourage ratings and comments

Ratings and reviews are an essential factor to get the app’s rating. If the app has more positive reviews, there are more chances that it will rank higher on the Play Store search results page. In addition, users download those apps with better ratings and more reviews. There are some intelligent ways to encourage users to leave reviews for your app. For example, after receiving a positive experience with the app, they may be asked to leave a review of the app. Positive experiences may include frequent user visits to your app, completing in-app purchases, spending a lot of time on the app, and more. We work with your technical team to identify the best focal points for your app, as users should be asked to leave an app review. This will help increase the number of positive reviews and comments your app receives and, in turn, can lead to a better ranking for your app.

12. Backlinks for the application page

In addition to customizing everything related to the app on the App Store page, some ASOs must also be moved outside of the App Store. The most important part of ASO is building links. You need to link to the link from your app’s description page to rank high in the search engines. This is done in the same way as SEO activities to make your website higher. With tremendous SEO experience and thousands of backlinks, our team is well qualified to create backlinks on your app store page. So, with all the activities mentioned above, we are getting the best possible ASO for your application. Whatever your application platform is, you can count on us as one of the best ASO agencies in Delhi with your ASO needs. Our results speak for themselves.

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