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Unlocking Creativity

Learn why code is the key to unleashing your creativity in WordPress Development Training Course.

Professional Proficiency

Gain the skills, knowledge, and industry vocabulary needed for a career as a WordPress developer through our comprehensive WordPress Development Training Course.

Data Manipulation

Master the art of using PHP to efficiently manipulate data on your WordPress site during our WordPress Development Training Course.

Custom Block Crafting

Develop your ability to create custom block types for the "Gutenberg" Block Editor in our custom WordPress theme development module.

Certified Expertise

Earn a certificate as you complete our WordPress full course, becoming a certified expert in WordPress development.

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Program learning outcomes and content

WordPress Development SYLLABUS

WordPress development is the process of creating and maintaining WordPress websites. It involves using WordPress’s core software, as well as plugins and themes, to create a website that meets the specific needs of a client or organization. WordPress developers need to have a strong understanding of WordPress’s codebase, as well as the ability to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to customize and extend WordPress websites.

WordPress: A strong understanding of WordPress’s core software, including its features, functions, and limitations.
HTML: The ability to use HTML to create the structure and content of a web page.
CSS: The ability to use CSS to style the appearance of a web page.
JavaScript: The ability to use JavaScript to add interactivity to a web page.

• Understanding the basics of WordPress
• Setting up a local development environment
• Installing WordPress and configuring the database
• Navigating the WordPress dashboard
• Exploring the WordPress file structure

• Introduction to WordPress themes
• Understanding the WordPress template hierarchy
• Creating a custom theme from scratch
• Implementing theme files and functions
• Working with template tags and conditional statements
• Customizing theme appearance with CSS

• Introduction to WordPress plugins
• Building custom plugins from scratch
• Understanding hooks and filters
• Implementing custom post types and taxonomies
• Integrating plugins with the WordPress admin panel
• Securing and optimizing plugins

• Advanced theme customization techniques
• Implementing responsive design using media queries
• Adding custom navigation menus and widgets
• Utilizing custom fields and post metadata
• Working with child themes and template overrides
• Implementing theme options and settings

• Modifying and extending existing themes
• Using child themes to make modifications
• Creating custom page templates
• Utilizing custom post formats
• Extending functionality with third-party libraries and APIs
• Implementing multilingual support

• Understanding the WordPress database structure
• Interacting with the database using SQL queries
• Creating and managing custom database tables
• Integrating third-party APIs into WordPress
• Implementing data import/export functionalities
• Handling data migrations and backups

• Securing a WordPress website
• Implementing user authentication and access controls
• Protecting against common security threats
• Optimizing website performance and speed
• Caching techniques and content delivery networks (CDNs)
• Troubleshooting common performance issues

• Introduction to WooCommerce
• Setting up an online store using WooCommerce
• Customizing the appearance of an online store
• Managing products, inventory, and orders
• Implementing payment gateways and shipping options
• Extending WooCommerce with custom functionality

• Understanding the basics of search engine optimization (SEO)
• Optimizing WordPress websites for search engines
• Implementing on-page SEO techniques
• Utilizing SEO plugins and tools
• Managing XML sitemaps and robots.txt
• Analyzing website traffic and SEO performance

• Best practices for WordPress website maintenance
• Performing routine updates and backups
• Troubleshooting common WordPress issues
• Debugging techniques and error handling
• Monitoring website performance and security
• Managing user roles and permissions

• Setting up and managing a WordPress Multisite network
• Creating and configuring Multisite websites
• Implementing domain mapping and user management
• Translating WordPress websites with multilingual plugins
• Optimizing Multisite installations for performance
• Troubleshooting Multisite and multilingual issues

• Preparing a WordPress website for deployment
• Choosing a hosting environment and domain management
• Transferring a website from local development to production
• Version control and collaboration with Git
• Project management tools and methodologies
• Launching and maintaining WordPress websites

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Join our comprehensive WordPress Development Training Course today to become a proficient WordPress developer and unleash your creative potential.
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